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"Be curious, not judgmental." - Ted Lasso

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with a special interest in Human Sexuality. My goal is to help guide you towards living your best, most passionate life possible. 

I value the uniqueness every individual brings to the table and celebrate diversity. I lean more on the existential side of things in practice and strive to find or create the lemonade for life's lemons.


I was born and raised in Texas and like so many native Texans, grew up in an oil field family. I am an only child and was the only child on both sides of my family to grow up in a major metropolitan city. I earned my BFA in Theatre Arts from Sam Houston State University in 2006 (another first in my family) and taught middle school theatre in South Houston for a few years. It was only through my own struggle with depression and anxiety that I was able to find my way to graduate school at age 35 where I eventually earned my Masters Degree in counseling from University of Houston Clear Lake in 2017.  In March 2023 I earned my certificate as a Certified Sex Therapist.

I am an educator, advocate, member, and ally for the LGBTQIA+ community and am Queer, gender, poly, and kink affirming. I strive to break the stigmas and misconceptions about sex and how our sexuality can be our greatest strength and our ticket to self empowerment. All humans deserve acceptance and pleasure, and I look forward to joining you on your journey to your most passionate life.

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